Looking for a keynote speaker who can set the tone of the conference so that attendees are energized and open minded? With highly relevant, customized messages delivered through well-crafted inspirational and humorous stories, Melissa will inspire your audience to think and behave differently.

Business Topics

“How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be”
Hear how Melissa worked her way up from the reception desk to CEO at Think Network Technologies.

“How Applied Improv Can Make You a Better Leader”
Melissa is an alumna of Chicago’s Second City Training Center, the largest school of improvisation and sketch comedy in the world. Melissa speaks about how applied improvisation techniques are practiced daily in her business as partner and CEO of Think Network Technologies.

“Say Yes! For The Win”
Learn how to use improvisational skills to listen, learn and act with courage in the face of change. And see how saying just a simple YES could change your life.

Personal Topics

“Mother’s Gift”
Melissa tested positive for the BRCA gene mutation and underwent a risk-reducing double mastectomy at age 34. She speaks to her journey with genetic testing and the importance of prevention and early detection for all women.

What people are saying:
“Very personal and inspiring” • “Content was great for personal development” • “Good common sense, helpful advice” • “Lots of great info!” • “Very entertaining!” • “Awesome, funny, everyone can relate” • “Goals, goals, goals, good advice” • “Made me feel that I can do this” • “Amazing and inspirational, made me want to get back to work” • “Great ideas to put into practice”